Parent Teacher Meet

Reporting Format: Mandsaur University
Department: Pharmacy Year/sem: B.Pharmacy VI Sem.
Activity: Parent Teacher Meet 
Date and Duration:


Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Principal, B R Nahata College of Pharmacy


Brief description / remarks:

A ParentTeacher meet is organized with an objective to bring the institute and home together for uplifting of students as well as institute by maintaining harmonious relationship between parents and teachers. In this process we planned a Parent-Teachers Meet for some B. Pharm VI Sem. students who are not performing well in class attendance as well as in academics. For active participation from the parent’s side, we planned a Time and day flexible meeting, in which parent can come as per their convenience. During the interaction with the parents Principal Dr. Amit K Jain explained the importance of parent teacher interaction. Class Incharge showed the attendance reports to the parents of their concerned ward. During his talk Principal Dr. Amit Kumar Jain told the value of regular theory and practical classes, Sessional examination marks, discipline etc.

Outcome :

·         Parents have given positive response for this initiative.

·         Parents of student’s of less attendance assured for regular attendance of his or her ward.

No. of participants:  23 parents
Prepared by : Ms. Rupesh Soni and Mr. Ashish Sethiya
Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Amit Kumar Jain