Alumni Interaction Session

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Pharmacy Students

Activity:Alumni Interaction 
Date and Duration: 12/09/2019 (1 Hours)
Title:Alumni Interaction Session
Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Mr. Ali Mohammad Attar

Marketing Department, Vitabiotics, Ltd. (an UK Based Company) Dubai, UAE

Brief description / remarks:

Alumni Interaction Session for final year students was held on 12/09/2019 at BRNCOP, Mandsaur. Mr. Ali Mohammad Attar, (B. Pharmacy Batch 2001-05) Marketing Department, Vitabiotics Ltd. (an UK Based Company) Dubai, UAE visited BRNCOP and interacted with pharmacy students. Mr. Ali Mohammad Attar has experience of around 12 years in pharmaceutical field. He shared information about opportunities like pharmacist, hospital pharmacist, Marketing etc in Gulf countries. He explained about eligibility to work in gulf, living expenses, working culture etc. At the end of the session Principal Dr. Amit Kumar Jain felicitated and appreciated Mr. Ali Mohammad Attar for his time and efforts.

Outcome: Students came to know about job opportunities, job responsibilities and job eligibility in Gulf counties.
No. of participants: 110 students
Prepared by : Dr. Rahul Trivedi
Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Amit Kumar Jain